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Ukrainian Families Adjusting Well

Thanks to Zion members and the surrounding community for the tremendous support you have given to the Ukrainian families that have been displaced by the war. Over $15,000 has been collected from individuals, Zion Foundation, St. Francis Xavier, Rotary, Thrivent, and the Easter Egg fundraiser. Viktoria, the young woman who we had intended to sponsor, has elected to stay in Ukraine. Her boyfriend, who she thought had died in the war, was seen in a POW camp, and was recently

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Supporting Mission Partners

There has been a lot of excitement and activity around Zion related to the support being provided to the Ukrainian refugees in our community. A valid question: What effect do these efforts have on the long-standing commitments of Zion’s Global Missions Committee to support All Kids Can Learn, International in Zambia; Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis; and Mission Jamaica? The answer is: Hopefully, none. The Global Missions Committee is fully supportive of the Ukrainian project and prays that members

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