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Pastor Dave’s Move

In March of 2019, I came to Zion as part-time Interim Pastor for Visitation and Pastoral Care. At that time, it was thought that the interim would likely be brief until a settled full-time Pastor for Congregational Life was called. None of us expected two and a half years to go by. Part of the “interim” label is the understanding that either the congregation could call a new settled pastor, or the interim could find a settled call elsewhere. On

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A Time of Opportunity

It’s a unique time at Zion. As we celebrate the nearly 12 years of ministry that Pastor Ted has provided, it’s also known that Bristol Reading and I are interims, and both of us are actively interviewing for settled pastoral calls. Zion has openings for a full-time youth director and, eventually, staff for Children, Youth, and Family, and someone to partner with Laurie in the front office. The Call Committee and the Personnel Committee continue to work to find the

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All Earth is Hopeful

Hope is a word that Christians use often. It can be used as a noun or a verb and gives the image of desire and anticipation. One synonym often used for hope is expectation, but to expect has a sense of some amount of certainty and imminence that hope doesn’t always convey. We hope when we don’t know if or when something will happen. Sometimes we hope against hope for things to occur; we rarely expect against expectation. Our theme

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