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Foundation vs Memorials

At Zion we talk about both the Zion Foundation and the Memorial Fund, but what is the difference? One major difference is that the dollars donated to the Zion Foundation are invested, and only the gains from the investment are spent on projects (often called an “endowment”). All dollars given to the Memorial Fund are spent. Another difference is that the Zion Foundation is a separately incorporated entity created to serve the ministry of Zion and the Foundation Board is

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Foundation Blessings

The Zion Foundation is a blessing which carries out ministry and mission through financial grants. The Zion Foundation was officially formed in 1978. It is a result of some great forward-thinking leadership. A Foundation is a non-profit corporation with the general purpose and plan to receive financial gifts and hold the principal of such gifts in perpetuity. Which means, that Zion Foundation monies remain intact and only interest income is used for disbursement of grants. According to the bylaws of

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