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No Water in the Village

by Minda Squadroni, Global Missions Committee
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The Zion Global Mission committee would like to let you know that our Global Mission partner, All Kids Can Learn International/Village of Hope, in Zambia, is in need of wells for their water supply. Below is an article written by Benedict and Kathleen Schwartz, CEO’s, concerning the need for these wells.

If you would like to prayerfully consider donating to them, you may do so directly at or through Zion’s Global Mission ministry at

Please keep the project in your prayers.

We woke up the other morning in shock – with no water in the Village of Hope.

It is only the beginning of September, and our wells are going dry. Over the last week, we became aware that three of our irrigation wells have gone dry. The last crisis we had like this was in August 2015 when the picture below was taken.

Now, one of our main wells in the Village is drying up, one for the domestic water caring for the kids – drinking water, bathing, washing clothes. Years of drought seem to be taking their toll.

It has been four months since we had any rain. We potentially have another four months before the rains come.

If we don’t respond quickly, this can be catastrophic for our care of the children and for growing our food.

We must drill larger, deeper wells. We had a hydro-engineering specialist come out from Lusaka, the capital. He is advising that we drill five new wells up to 100 meters deep, each with a diameter of 8 inches. Two for the Village, two for the agricultural irrigation, and one for the road-front and the restaurant. Our current wells average 60 meters deep, and average 6 inches in diameter.

We need to raise $60,000 to cover the cost of drilling the urgently needed wells and providing the pumps and electrical controls.

Please pray. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

Benedict & Kathleen for the Village of Hope Team


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