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Future Mission Trip Opportunities

by Jud Goerss, Global Missions Committee
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For many years, Zion has provided global travel opportunities to participate with our mission partners in Jamaica and Zambia. The schedule has been that for odd years (2019), Jamaica is the destination. During the even years (2020), the travel destination is Zambia, Africa.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in both of these mission trips and have found it’s a great way to serve others and immerse myself with people of different cultures.

With continuing challenges with COVID-19 and vaccine distribution limitations in these countries, the next planned trips are expected to be in 2023 for Mission Jamaica and 2024 to Village of Hope in Zambia.

I encourage you to put one or both of these destinations on your future travel bucket list. Each of these locations has different life-long experiences with similarities of providing greatly needed support to those in these communities, growing in your personal faith, and expanding your relationships with other participants.

By Jud Goerss, Global Missions Committee

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