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Supporting Mission Partners

There has been a lot of excitement and activity around Zion related to the support being provided to the Ukrainian refugees in our community. A valid question: What effect do these efforts have on the long-standing commitments of Zion’s Global Missions Committee to support All Kids Can Learn, International in Zambia; Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis; and Mission Jamaica? The answer is: Hopefully, none. The Global Missions Committee is fully supportive of the Ukrainian project and prays that members

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Pastor Bahe pointed out seven forms of generosity in her January 29 message from the “5 daily habits from the Bible to truly bring joy” sermon series: Generosity of thoughts Generosity of words Generosity of money Generosity of time Generosity of things Generosity of influence Generosity of attention She went on to say: When we are faithful, even in little ways, following these seven forms of generosity; we will also be faithful in much. If we are generous in these

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Financial Update 2023.01

The January financial reports are another reminder that Zion is moving forward with confidence.  Our January offerings to the General Fund were a little over $75,000 which is about 10.5% above those given in January 2022.  Our General Fund expenses were about $5,500 greater than last January, most of which is attributable to an increase in personnel – another sign of our moving forward.  Still, our income exceeded our expenses for the month.  Our next financial challenge will come when

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