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2023 Church Council Officers

At the December Church Council meeting, the following were elected to leadership roles for 2023:   President – Chuck Zumbusch Vice President – Ashley Mattson Treasurer – Joan Halderson Secretary – Deb Rude   Thank you for your service to the congregation.

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Thank You

Well, we come to the end of another year. Perhaps a year that has introduced more of what we remember as “normal”, or at least a large step in that direction. Here are a few observations on what I thing are some very positive moves toward a new normal coming in 2023: We have a senior pastor. Should I repeat that? After literally arriving at the last minute and then helping Zion manage through a transition period over the past

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Welcome Home

Do you know what I miss? Wall calendars. Yep, I know I’m showing my age! The reason I miss having one, though, is the feeling I would get when opening a new calendar and flipping the page to a new year: JANUARY. That clean slate. That new beginning. You don’t get to experience that in the same way on a phone calendar. New beginnings are all around us, even in the dead of winter. I am extraordinarily aware of new

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