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Fare for All Volunteers

Fare for All for 2023

Looking for a way to save money on groceries in these inflationary times? Right here at Zion, the Social Ministry Team provides the answer—Fare for All! Fare for All is a non-profit discount grocery program that sells boxes of frozen meat and fresh vegetables, and is open to all—no questions, registration, or requirement—which can save you 30-40% off retail grocery prices. Fare for All has been coming to Zion every month since August of 2015 and over these 7+ years

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Planning Giving into Your Budget

First, choose a charity that you really care about. Of course, I recommend giving to Zion Lutheran Buffalo. But, if giving to an organization outside the Lutheran church, before making any donations, spend a few minutes looking up the nonprofit on watchdog sites such as Charity Navigator, or CharityWatch. These sites rate nonprofits and allow you to find out more about the organization and how donations are spent. Does your household prepare a monthly budget? If so you’re in an

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