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Year End Charitable Giving Strategies

It’s smart and responsible to take advantage of available tax benefits when giving to a worthy charity like Zion. Following are a few ideas you may want to implement before the end of the year. Donating Appreciated Securities Stocks and other securities like mutual funds that have gained value since purchase can be tax-efficient charitable giving tools. Don’t sell the investment, pay tax on the gain, donate the proceeds and take your charitable deduction on the value of the proceeds.

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Pastor Kari Bahe

Fling Wide the Door!

In a culture that is forever trying to sell us on the lie that there won’t be “enough” to go around, the  Advent theme of “fling wide the door” is a welcomed image.  Or, is it almost an impossible concept? What comes to mind when you think of a door flung wide open? Wastefulness: “Close that door! We are not living in a barn!” Wandering: “Ah, the door is wide open, I can do anything!” Wild abandon: “Life is full

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