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Pastor Kari Bahe

Fall 2022 at Zion!

Our mission is to partner with families for faith formation and connection.  We are always looking for ways to connect with you and to be helpful to families as they seek to raise their children in the faith. There is nothing like fall in Minnesota!  But, there is also nothing like the busyness that accompanies it.  Registrations, new schedules, new routines, new forms to fill out and keep track of, new school supplies to find and purchase, and new anxieties to calm.  We started

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Confirmation group on the meditation trail

Meditation Trail

Are you aware of Zion’s meditation trail just to the south of our main parking lot? The trail has a new theme of “Peace “ for its second year, chosen by one of Zion’s confirmation groups (pictured). What perfect timing as the whole world seems to be searching for peace in our troubled world. Please take some time to find your own peace of mind by walking this trail and reading scriptures along the way. My personal favorite of these verses is

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