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To Err Is Human

Teen Talk To err is human Alexander Pope The stress of life has been heavy for me these last couple of weeks. Nothing noteworthy, just a lot of un-noteworthy things. Have you ever noticed bad things come in threes? I have no scientific proof of this, just life experience. Last Tuesday was a perfect example of this; I went to the wrong place for my long-awaited appointment and therefore was just late enough that we had to re-schedule. I found

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Refugee Support

In May, Zion’s church council approved the creation of a Ukrainian Refugee Working Group to investigate the opportunities and possibilities of sponsoring a Ukrainian refugee family in Buffalo. The group is researching and learning about the different opportunities offered by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and Arrive Ministries, and investigating sponsorship with other area churches, and will make a recommendation to the council on the best path forward. In the midst of that work, several in the group learned of

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