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Found a Way through Music

John grew up in Storm Lake, Iowa, where his family attended Lakeside Presbyterian Church. Not going to church was never an option.  My parents were very committed to their faith.  When I was nine my dad died.  My mom carried on their encouragement of my church involvement.  Her dedication to missions – especially Native Americans in the west – always had her sewing  clothes to be sent away.  Her example of living will always remain with me. His fondest memories

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What Is a Member

What does it mean to be a member of Zion? Simple question, right? But in fact, the question is very complex. Are there different types of members? What activities help define membership? If I go to church periodically, then I’m a member of Zion, right? All very good questions. The answers may surprise you! The constitution defines four different members: Baptized – whether you’ve been baptized at Zion or baptized at another church before joining Zion. Confirmed – whether you

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Looking back over the past 15 months it would be fair to say that change has been a constant theme. Whether it has been related to COVID19-related changes or the broader world, change is the reality we live with today. But change can mean many things to many people. Depending on the situation, it can be a time of worry or a time of hope. Having worked in a corporate setting for over 25 years I’ve seen how change can

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