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Making stoles at the lock-in

9th Grade Lock-in 2022

From the evening hours of October 7, well into the morning hours of October 8, our awesome Zion ninth graders participated in the first annual confirmation lock-in.  It began with a meaningful worship service geared specifically for them, led by Pastor Bahe and the Youth and Family Worship team.  Pastor Bahe walked the kids through what promises were made on their behalf at their baptism and what the affirmation of baptism is and what that faith handoff will look like.

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Confirmation Update Fall 2021

By Tammy Zumbusch & Holly Husom, Interim Confirmation Coordinators Among the many things COVID took from us, community seems to be one of the greatest longings crossing all generational lines. We need each other. Even more than that, we belong to each other. In Paul’s letter to the Romans he writes; So, in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We miss you. All of you. Even those we’ve never met. In

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