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New Roles, New Adventures

And Many, Many Thanks For 16 years, Angela Bengtson has served as Zion’s Communications Coordinator. In that time, she has led Zion into a new era of communication mission, vision, and implementation.  Angela has not only been key in sharing Zion’s mission, but she is also seen as a leader in church communications circles throughout our Synod and beyond. Her development of Zion’s newsletter was often lifted up as the example of “how to do a newsletter well”.  Of course,

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InFellowship Directory

Zion uses Fellowship One membership database to take care of and connect people.  InFellowship is the portal that congregation members use to connect with groups and other members. One feature of InFellowship is a digital member directory. The InFellowship online directory is the place to find real-time updated contact information. All members and attenders are requested to opt into the InFellowship Online Directory, which can be viewed by other Zion attenders and members who have also opted into the directory.

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