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Zion uses Fellowship One membership database to take care of and connect people.  InFellowship is the portal that congregation members use to connect with groups.

How to Access the Portal

Browse to and sign in with your email address and self-selected password.

New Account

  • The very first time you use InFellowship, you will need to click on [Register]  or [Sign Up]. 
    • In the first box, use your own email/phone (not your child’s).
    • Passwords must have at least 8 characters and include
      • at least one uppercase letter
      • at least one lowercase letter
      • at least one number
      • at least one symbol
  • When you create your account, the system will send you a verification email with a link to activate your Fellowship account.
    • If you don’t see the email in a few minutes, check your junk and Updates folders.
  • When you click on the link in the email, you will be able to finish creating your account.
  • Your account may or may not automatically link to your existing account when you use it the first time. If your family members do not show up, it is just a matter of staff manually connecting your new account to your existing profile, and may take up to about a week (usually on Mondays). Don’t worry, go ahead and use your account … any registrations or payments will sync with your existing records when the new duplicates are merged.

Existing Account Login Problems

  • If you need to reset your password, click ‘forgot‘.
  • If you don’t have access to the email account you used before, just set up a new account with your new email. It may take a week or so for your new account to manually be connected to your existing records.
  • If you are still unable to login, please contact Angela in the church office to have your account reset.

Update Profile

Click on Update Profile > Update your Profile to edit/update information including phone numbers, email address, mailing address, emergency contacts, and login.

  • Editing data in Your Profile will update the church’s database and affect most communication from Zion (not including newsletter and weekly announcement email subscriptions, and individual emails from staff).
  • Use the ‘Preferred’ radio buttons to indicate which phone number and email address you would like church staff  to normally use.
  • If any of this information is incorrect, and is in a field that you can’t edit yourself, please contact Angela with the changes needed.
  • A brief bio, website link, and social media links are optional, but are encouraged to help everyone get to know each other better.
  • If you wish to upload a picture of yourself, click on the work “change” underneath your picture and you will then be able to upload a picture from your computer. If you choose to do so, it should be a photo of just your face, not your family, pet, or favorite sports logo 🙂 The church office will also add/update photos where possible.

Online Directory

Only active Zion members and attenders who have opted in through their InFellowship account have access to the secure online directory.  Visitors and the general public cannot access the directory.

  • Click on Account > Privacy Settings to opt in and control how much information other members can see
  • Click on Account > [your name] to update information

Your Giving

This is where you can see your giving statement online, make a contribution or payment by credit card, or schedule a regular contribution through your credit card.

  • You can see a statement for your household for this year or last year by using the dropdown boxes at the top of the statement page. Use the ‘Download Statement’ link if you want to print a copy for your records
  • On the Giving Form you can select from common contribution types (such as General / Building / Missions).
  • Logging in makes the process quicker by remembering your contact information and card information, but you can also give online without an account
  • On the Scheduled tab you can select from the same contribution types and also specify a schedule (monthly, weekly, etc.)

Your Groups

Find any groups you are already connected to by clicking “Your Groups.” If your account has already been connected, you should then see your small group and be able to click on it. The dashboard tab shows general information about your group. The Roster tab (if available) shows who is in your group and how you can contact them. Click on a name to see the information they have shared with the small group.

Find a Group

This is where you can browse through all of the groups that are set up on InFellowship. Pick a group category and click ‘Search’. You can also leave it set to ‘–any–‘ to pull up a list of all groups.  Click on a group name to see details about the group and connect with the group. You can view groups without logging in.