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God Will Handle It

by Solveig Nelson
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Bob Strommen is one of our lead technicians here at Zion and has been an amazing help this year with helping record on Wednesdays for online worship as well as figuring out sound on Sunday’s for outdoor/parking lot service.

My name is Bob Strommen, I have been married to Diane for approaching 51 years. We have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Our first great grandchild is due in May. I am semi-retired from MnDOT where I have worked since 1996 as an electronic technician. My love of music is probably my biggest hobby. I am in a trio of musicians called Heartstrings. I also sing or play percussion for any of the praise teams at Zion. My second biggest passion is golf. I finally joined a league this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bob included a little trivia that he has been a member of multiple churches named either Zion or Our Savior’s: Zion in Twin Valley and Buffalo, and Our Savior’s in Hillsboro, ND and Faribault, MN.

I was born and raised in northwest Minnesota and was baptized and confirmed at Zion Lutheran in Twin Valley. I have been a member of ELCA churches wherever we have lived. So, when we moved to Buffalo we were looking for a church home and stopped by Zion one Sunday. When we walked in Pastor Ed made me feel right at home. He introduced himself and we talked shortly like we had known each other for some time. When we attended the service Jubilee was performing and I liked the contemporary feel.

Bob’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 28:19-20:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

It covers everything that needs to be said about our lives here on earth. It also gives us hope that whatever happens Jesus is always there to guide us through it.

Bob and his family had a very low moment in life where God was present and they were able to find peace.

When we were still farming in northwestern Minnesota I found out that we were going to lose the farm. I found myself feeling very low and I went to talk to my pastor at the time, Pastor Don Walker. He pointed out no matter what happens, Jesus is always with us and will protect and guide us. We prayed together. That gave me the insight that God is in control and since I have had a sense of inner peace knowing that no matter what happens God will handle it.

Bob has many fond memories of church.

Performing in a community musical called “The Rock” (the story is based the life of Peter) in Zion in Twin Valley. Another is all the Sundays being part of the group Jubilee. A great group of musicians and people.

Bob’s favorite worship song is “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”

It speaks to me that although I am a sinner and continue to be the Lord can still forgive me of those sins no matter what.

Bob lives God’s call at Zion in many ways.

Giving back to my church of my time and talents of music and my knowledge of media equipment.

Bob (and Zion) are always looking for additional technicians to join the team!

As for 2020 this year has been nothing but interesting, with the beginning of recording the Sunday morning services in March and continuing with all of the recording of the musical groups and the installation of the FM transmitter. Things have certainly changed, but it is not all a bad thing. It has widened our vision of what worship can and needs to be. We have come up with some very creative ways to deliver the Word of God. I personally have gained new knowledge and experience of recording processes. Also with the Advent of being asked to look into the real-time live streaming of the service more is yet to come. Through it all God has guided me.

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