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Tammy Zumbusch

Director of Youth Ministry

Director of Youth Ministry

My duties at Zion include … 

I’ve worked at Zion since … 


My favorite thing about working at Zion is …

The people. The staff and congregation feel like a 2nd family to me. Zion is home away from home and has always been.

My Family … 

I am married to Chuck Zumbusch. Together we have 5 children one dog, one cat and a partridge in a pear tree.

When I’m not at Zion you can find me …

Cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, reading, writing, in deep thought or conversation, mentoring teens, talking about Jesus or teaching people about the Enneagram.

My favorite Bible verse …

John 8:7

“He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw the first stone.”

I love how Jesus does so much with this one sentence. First He tells us to focus inward, second He reminds us that we are all sinners who need a savior and third, He teaches us grace.

Something you might not know about me …

I can often be found looking for the deeper meaning in everything. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Fall, Stress, & Grace

We can’t believe we are talking about it already, as it feels like school just ended, but fall is right around the corner! With fall comes all things new: new teachers, schedules, classes, routines, practices, teams, and clubs. Sprinkle in a little stress and exhaustion as we transition and modify our summer sleep schedule into early mornings for school, and
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To Err Is Human

Teen Talk To err is human Alexander Pope The stress of life has been heavy for me these last couple of weeks. Nothing noteworthy, just a lot of un-noteworthy things. Have you ever noticed bad things come in threes? I have no scientific proof of this, just life experience. Last Tuesday was a perfect example of this; I went to
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Youth Directors Named

After months of work including culling through applications, interviewing candidates, and seeking God’s guidance, the Youth Director Search Team has finished their work and joyfully announce that Zion has filled the opening in our youth ministries team! Holly Husom and Tammy Zumbusch have agreed to serve as Directors of Youth Ministry, with the primary task of providing a ministry with
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Teen Talk 2022.04

Newborns aren’t identifying themselves by their political affiliations, gender roles, religion or culture. They are just existing. That changes dramatically during the teenage years. Adolescence usually brings with it the exciting realization that maybe, just maybe…they can be anything they want to be. This curiosity usually promotes a massive craving for autonomy and space to figure it all out. The
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Teen Talk 2021.12

Teenagers, by definition, are not adults. They don’t think things through and they make questionable decisions. Think back to when you were a teen. Did you ever do anything half thought out, plain dangerous, or just wrong? My guess is, you did. When your teen messes up, it’s a possibility that your teen may compound this error with another and
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Teen Talk 2021.10

When we have toddlers we usually know why they’re upset. They want something they can’t have, they want to do something they can’t do. Maybe they fell and got an owie. Their reasons for being upset are usually pretty obvious. The reason behind a teen’s sour mood, however, is at times a little more elusive. Maybe they aren’t willing to
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Confirmation Update Fall 2021

By Tammy Zumbusch & Holly Husom, Interim Confirmation Coordinators Among the many things COVID took from us, community seems to be one of the greatest longings crossing all generational lines. We need each other. Even more than that, we belong to each other. In Paul’s letter to the Romans he writes; So, in Christ we, though many, form one body,
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