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Shared Ministry Coordinator

My duties at Zion include … 

  • Connecting people’s gifts and passions to volunteer opportunities and ministries.

I’ve worked at Zion since … 


My favorite thing about working at Zion is …

That the work I do at Zion has a purpose and that I can positively impact the world and people around me. My job is ever-changing, so there are continual opportunities to learn new things. That can be stressful sometimes but mostly it is good. I also appreciate working with such a wonderful group of coworkers.

My Family … 

I have five grown children and six darling grandchildren.

When I’m not at Zion, you can find me …

Hiking in the woods, kayaking, spending time with family, or making music of some sort. I also love to bake bread and cook for the people I love.

My favorite Bible character …

I have always admired Esther. She was a woman of great strength! I am amazed at the faith and obedience to God she displayed in going before the king to save her people. She was willing to do God’s work even when it was hard or scary. I think of her as an example of the kind of faithful woman I aspire to be.

Something you might not know about me …

We had a family band while my children were growing up. We played old-timey gospel and bluegrass (Think: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) for many events, including playing at a historical site for fifteen years.

“Advent” Appreciation

After two years of waiting, the Zion staff was delighted to be able to share a fun celebration honoring some of our wonderful volunteers on August 3. We enjoyed worship with communion and a picnic lunch, followed by some light entertainment. We are so grateful to each of our volunteers! Please know that you matter and each of your contributions
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Introducing Kim Haggen

Hello! I am the new part-time office administrator and shared ministry coordinator. I get to greet people, answer the phone, recruit and train volunteers, and try to learn whatever I can from Sherilyn. I am excited to have the opportunity to connect people and their gifts with ministries and service opportunities! My previous position was with another ELCA church in
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Shared Ministry

One year ago I started thinking about how Zion volunteers would re-enter all of Zion’s ministries after the COVID year. I realized that my job at Zion could be easily split between a shared ministry coordinator and a worship coordinator. The church council approved the plan in October 2020 and I’m thrilled that Kim Haggen is working with us as
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