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Pastor Kari Bahe

A New Beginning

“Jesus said, “It is finished.” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” John 19:30 If this is where our story ended, we would be living a very different kind of life. Death would have the final word. Where would our hope be? Dead. Where would our joy be? Dead. We would stand at a crossroads that offered nothing but a dead end. Thanks be to God! This is not where our story ends. This is just the

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We recently experienced a good, old-fashioned, snowstorm. While it didn’t quite live up to the media hype of a “Storm of the Century”, it definitely did have a high impact, making a mess of travel plans and closing schools and businesses, but quietly, I enjoyed it! Don’t worry, I am not suffering from cabin fever, (at least not too badly), nor have I lost my mind in stating I enjoyed the storm. Admittedly, shoveling and snow removal followed, but big

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Financial Report 2023.02

Contributions to the General Fund continue to exceed our giving of last year. In February those amounted to about $51,000 which is 11.5% more than last February. Expenses for the month exceeded our income by about $9,800. These are only 1.4% greater than those of a year ago. For the year so far our giving to the General Fund is around $129,400. Our expenses have been about $128,400. While the Building Fund income for February was slightly down from a

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A Previous SERVE Weekend

Steve joined us as we took our break. John, Dave, and I had started the morning in jackets and sweatshirts and now we were down to our t-shirts as the day warmed. We ate burgers and fries but he was satisfied with only a malt. Tim had stopped by earlier and dropped off tools and much-needed advice. The prep work was done and we would paint as much as we could on the stairs, deck, and porch that day. Now

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